My favorite football team

My favorite football team
Terang teranglah gambar ni terang sebenarnya kitorang gelap gelap je

Friday, 9 August 2013


Assalamualaikum . First experience tak balik Kelantan raya but it's kinda nice though becaue I got exam after Raya plus learn to cook by ouselves on the first raya and it's tiring ! But fun :)

There're many things that make my heart shaking . Lost of patience. I don't know who's fault it is. I feel like , ahhhh this is not an easy task . Allah is testing me. I have to find a way

Second day of raya is ---- hahaha empty

Hope today is a better day. Raya is not the only time to visit people but it is the best time bcse all of us are ready to accept guest in terms of food, house and everything :)

p/S : How I wish to go to the place I like with the people I love.

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