My favorite football team

My favorite football team
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Twitter , Facebook , Whatsapp , etc .

Assalamualaikum :)

Looking at my tab [dongak atas] there must be two things ; Twitter and Facebook . Fuuuh . Young people these days [geleng-geleng] . Sometimes , I feel like wanna deactivate one of them (or maybe both) . When we are on social networking sites , there are too many risks for a Muslimah like me [kelip kelip mata] and you !

   Sometimes when we are too excited chatting or searching or stalking here and there especially Twitter & Facebook will effect our time management . It really give a big impact . Sometimes it is not sometimes but everytime . Okay merepek . We don't realize that we are wasting time there with unuseful thing , words , etc .

   Twitter especially . Actually we have to watch out what we gonna tweet . Is it beneficial or not ? Yes , Twitter is a microblog . Me , myself also tweeted what I feel , memorable moment with my dormate , what I'm gonna do . I'm not a good kid btw . But I always aware is it beneficial or useful for me in the future ? Sometimes a tweet may bring a lot f memories . So , I tweet . But do not tweet smthing like cintan cintun , that may bring people that is already angau be more angau or mencarut (it's hurting me also evnthough u're not talking to me) , unmention fighting . Omeng uols . Yes , it's ur blog but I've nvr see people fighting in their blogger . And the most worser ever is when a couple was fighting in Twitter . Crazy much u know .

    Do not ignore Al-Quran only bcse of FB , Twitter and all this stuff . If u can sign in into those sites everyday why don't u open and read Quran everyday kan ? :)

     It's not a big matter if a girl and a boy wanna interact on Twitter or Whatsapp or any social sites you wanna go but watch ur words and ikhtilat . Muslimah's words are dignity . Especially when u're talking with the boys . U can interact but I think cannot too often .

    A boy and a girl can only interact if there are something important . Sometimes I also chat with my boy-friend but not too often I'll make sure it's not a private chat . If it is private chat it must be smthng importnt and it's enough if u tanya tanya khabar sikit , gurau sikit  , tukar ilmu sikit klu boleh and then bye !  Just to mke sure u keep in touch with them pon kan . I'm trying my best to watch my ikhtilat virtually (SMS , chatting , etc) . It is not easy .    

   Our picture . Yeah , of course there are no daring much photos but still people can copy paste our photo everywhere anywhere anytime -- Haa mcm PHD dah (Pizza Hut Delivery) okay -- it'll be more dangerous if we have a secret admire or secret admiressss [ops] perasan lebih :D Okay kidding . But like seriously , especially my beautiful wonderful cute friend out there that was showing their picturesss they must have more admires or maybe boyfriend or whatsoever will keep copying each one of their awek's photos . I don't know what's their point . That DP or Twitcon doesn't enough ha ?

     And Muslimin , i'm advising u here for not to copy-ing our photos . Elakkan zina hati , zina mata dan sbgainya . Actually , it is not wrong for a muslimah to put their own photos as DP or Twitcon but must be only 5inches (DP size tu la) and senyum leklok je . No need to kembungkan pipi , muncungkan bibir & sbginya -- sources from ceramah Ust Azhar Idrus . Search for it ! :)

p/s : U can do what u like , I don't care . I'm just reminding so one responsibility passed !

Aisyah . She also not good enough but she write to change herself , to make sure that she won't do the same thing . InsyaAllah . I pray for you , you pray for me :)

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