My favorite football team

My favorite football team
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Alter Ego

Have you ever met someone that makes you feel like...he's the one.
His beautiful eyes.
His sincere smile.
All those wonderful features of him.
His attitude. His perfect way of doing things.
You want him to be yours.
Overwhelmed by that beautiful feeling makes you feel so so so bad.
Plus your ego.
Plus all you your dreams that you need to achieve.
Plus your friendship with him.
You really need to preserve.
You really need to ignore that feeling.
Plus all your responsibilities towards others.
You really can't go on with this.
You're afraid that u're going to lose him.
But u'll lose him. Eventually.
That's life.
Bcse u don't deserve him.
You gotta find him somebody that is good enough for him.
You want him to be happy.
Instead of confessing.
You choose to do that.
You hope he's fine.
You hope he's much more happier with that girl.
She's perfect too.
And you choose to be alone, again.

Let's end this here bcse this is so not Aisyah. Let me, only this one.

I'll write this kind of stupid things only once in my entire life. So please pray for my heart. Haha. Don't ask anything. Don't judge. Just don't.

I really need to move on.

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