My favorite football team

My favorite football team
Terang teranglah gambar ni terang sebenarnya kitorang gelap gelap je

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bundle of Joy

Assalamualaikum :)

I'm dissappearing from social networking. If you ever realize . Okay no one realize :D
I feel calm. Rationalize everything. Think and think.
The eyes keep untold sadness. This heart ripped apart. The brain affected too much. It was like thousands of meteor (not meteor shower haha) struck my heart. Allah ! When my mouth start to talk about it that was the time when my eyes start to tell their stories. Argh

What I can do is husnudzon with Allah's fate. Someone do tell me , "Redha je Wan dgn apa yg kau dapat". Memang dah redha. Every step I'm taking are tearing my heart. I don't deserve to be here

Again, I walked alone anywhere in KL. My friend said "Kau ni tak betul ke keluar seorang tak tau gi mana" Haha . I don't care. I'm getting insane everyday

But today when I stepped into le classroom with spirits (kinda) then the thing that I wanna forget were repeated again . Spirited away . "Pooof" . Hilang semagat , kus .

But yesterday, went to Masjid Bulat to be volunteer for their Open House . A great experience . Can't describe this . Have the opportunity to serve VIP . Learn many thigs especially from ustzh Sharifah . Thank u very much !

Second phase is Rumah Dato' Azam. Our ayahanda forever and ever. He got many things to tell us tp masa sng mencemburui I think as we were so sweet . Haha . Thanks Dato' ! In syaa Allah will come again and Sensei , congrats for ur PhD . I don't wanna tell the whole story bcse it's undescribeable love :D

"Welcome to Nilai" . Haha . Thanks bawak aku tour Nilai , bawak pergi Masjid Putra , tengok Manipal College. Best ! Borak lelama dalam kereta (sebenarnya sesi luahan perasaan ke apa) , cari buah tangan sbb tunggu lagi dua insan utk sampai . But seriously, ada la jugak kata-kata yg buat aku rasa motivated again.
 Thanks hantar smpi depan pintu mahallah korang bertiga ! :D

Allah test me with very little sadness and problems but then

He give me bundle of joy. Alhamdulillah !

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