My favorite football team

My favorite football team
Terang teranglah gambar ni terang sebenarnya kitorang gelap gelap je

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Total stress ! 2 quiz in a day. Math & Physics. It's normal but this time I don't know why I cannot tolerate If I can't score. Too much hope. Plus today's quiz punya topic are the toughest among others (for me). Alhamdulillah, whatever it is I can answer well about the marks -- tawakkal ! I have struggle as much as I can.

Remain silent since habis jawab first quiz until now. Try to cheer up but since my rumets are gloomy me also gloomy. Haiyah. My brain so tired.

Got a call from Mama (kakak Abah) and yeah. Yeah. Kena setepek. It's my fault too. Takpelah. Esok gerak Gombak ! From now onwards I have to reschedule my timetable. I have to divide within balik rumah, rumah Mama and event. Fuh

When I feel sad, I will ask my rumets to go back first & I will go wherever I want in CFS. Walk alone, think and feel like crying but cannot cry. Yeah that's hurt. The pain remain there. In my heart

And I realize as we grow older we have to take care of many hearts. More hearts will rely on us. Many hearts want our attention, many people want our decision, commitment and so on. Look tiring but Allah is there. When we have His love, we'll never have the problem to divide our love for family, friends etc. Study is getting tougher and tougher. Although we feel like dying, Allah is there to help. Usaha dan tawakkal.

One more thing that make me feel tired. We care about all thigs too much until (certain) people never realise that we care. They continue their life like we did nothing. Oh yeah , we did nothing. We did all this with Allah will, of course. Ya Allah, berkatilah segala perbuatanku ini. I never ask for balasan dr diorng but just so they know we need to have common sense, care about people and they have to know don't be too ignorance. It will hurt people in silent. I want to teach them that we can't live in our world till the end of our life.

Your ignorance make me have to do all decision for you. Yeah. People around you also have to think about you. It's okay for us to care about you but please care about others. Don't live in your own world. Maybe sometimes I kinda annoying but please bear with my annoyance as I bear with yours. Yes, you bear with mine . Thank you :)

Kekadang penatnyaaa rasa semua benda nak kena buatkan . Kalau kita tak gerak, tak geraklah benda tu. Ya Allah T-T Common sense please ?

p/s : Kau ni dah kenapa Aisyah pentingkan sngt common sense? Well hello panggil la aku minah common sense pun lagi baguih , doa ! :D Itu sngt penting utk jadi manusia berguna. Benda tu penting . Serius. Bila ada benda tu kau akan alert dgn semua benda.

Have some rest & bangun dengan hati berbunga kay ? :) Penat itu dr Allah , kekuatan juga dr Allah. Allahua'lam

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