My favorite football team

My favorite football team
Terang teranglah gambar ni terang sebenarnya kitorang gelap gelap je

Monday, 31 December 2012

Conversation with Umi

A short (not so) conversation with my mum in the car just now ( Dalam hati mcm arghhh taknak sampai CFS sbb best borak dgn Umi) Otw sent me back for the last time for this sem . It has been 2times Umi were talking about this with ME . Maybe I spent more time with Umi so , yeah .Umi asked about kakak's and angah's --- ehem . And when it comes to me ..... teeeet

Maybe Umi realized that her daughters are no more a kid so she has to talk about this -- sometimes . It's our future btw

Umi told me something but errr that was so impossible . That one cannot happen . In syaa Allah

Umi , I love you so much . Sorry for all my mistakes . I always being ungrateful kiddo . I'll alwys pray for you and Abah <3 I just turned 18 on 10Dec12 so i'm not a 19-years-old-teen yet .

p/s : I have to attend final exam on Nabila's birthday . This is soooo not real :p Kak long ! *Kiss and hug* I love you ! All the best dunya akhirat .

"Kasihilah siapa sahaja yang ada di bumi nescaya akan mengasihi kamu siapa-siapa sahaja (malaikat) yang di langit." (Riwayat Abu Daud)

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