My favorite football team

My favorite football team
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Monday, 15 October 2012

Solehah , wait for me !

 Assalamualaikum :)
To be solehah isn't easy at all . People may say , oh she's wearing tudung labuh . It's just a big cendawan , nothing special . They don't know how hard we strive for it . Not only strive to get money to buy the tudung :p But we also strive to be as better as people look at the hijab . Big hijab means big heart , big change . It is nvr easy but what make us stronger are the love from Allah SWT that make us feel secure with what we wear and what we do . Wearing 'big' blouse and big hijab make us feel calm and secure . No matter what is ur niat at the first place but your effort to put it on your head and body insyaAllah there are something good waiting for you . Muslimah will nvr simply wear that hijab if there is no sense of changing-to-a-better-Muslim in their heart . Same goes to me . But I have to be strong .

   Another thing that we need to take care of is ikhtilat . Whether in reality (obvious) or virtually (SMS , IM , chatting) with non muhrim . This must be hard for a people who are used to be close and have many friends of different gender . It's a big shot . It is hard for them to avoid their SMS and all . Yes , we can keep in touch with them but not often and not a long chat . Short chat maybe once a month (not after 12am) , know what they're doing and what happen , make a little joke and then stop it there . It is better if it is not a personal chat , i mean it is judt btween u and a boyfriend . Open a group discussion then you can interact with everybody . Girls and boys in ine shot . We cannot be too drastic or else people will keep avoiding us . What is the point that you're chnging but ur friend is hating you bcse of ur way neglecting them . Same goes to our girlfriend . Do not neglect them after u're change . Bring them along with you , on your way to achieve solehah ! InsyaAllah . Amin :)

Kita tidak mungkin sehebat Ainul Mardhiah penghulu bidadari syurga 
Kita tidak mungkin sehebat Sayidatina Aisyah isteri kesayangan Rasulullah SAW
Namun cukuplah menjadi yg terbaik bgi Pencipta dan utk insan pemilik tulang rusuk kita tercipta

Dear friends , no matter where you are may Allah ease evrything for all of you . If u're going through hardship , go back to Allah . I will always love each one of you . Ukhuwah kerana Allah sehingga ke syurga ? (BM will alwys be the best language to express heart feeling :D) InsyaAllah . Amin :)

Wanita solehah is better than bidadari syurga . May Allah ease everything for me and for you . Yes , you !

Al Insyirah , ayat 5-6 : Sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan [5] sesungguhnya sesudah kesulitan itu ada kemudahan [6]

2bulan tak jumpa . I juust .. miss them so much . Semoga Allah sentiasa bersama setiap langlah kita :) Yayang , ana syng awak semua :D

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