My favorite football team

My favorite football team
Terang teranglah gambar ni terang sebenarnya kitorang gelap gelap je

Monday, 10 June 2013

Atelophobia kot

I feel very bad each & everytime I meet a muslimah . The perfect one . Hati hitam menyorok , mata tertunduk , muka tertampar . Rasa macam ... I'm not like her but why I'm wearing the same thing (tudung labuh, baju longgar & everything) ? Tak layak kot . Then I realised , if i'm not like this am I gonna turn into the old me ? Back ? No

Thanks to my ego for making me a strong girl .

I think i'm suffering from 'Atelophobia' (Hahaha) . It menas the fear of not being good enough. Always feel like this in everything I do & the way I am

Forgot to say congratulations to Farhana for the matric's final result . May Allah ease your way :)

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