My favorite football team

My favorite football team
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Tak sabar-sabarnya

Nak jadi kaya untuk bantu Islam . Improve / discover something yg orang tk alert tntg Islam di Malaysia sndiri .

Contohnya :-

Kedai guting rambut exclusive -- dkt mall gitu utk muslimin & muslimat . Workers semua Islam dan ade particiant for muslimin & muslimat . Also for kids , we have playground for you instead of waiting ur Pa & Ma pampering theirselves . And for baby ? -- I wanna hire babysitter too :3

Mini library & tmpt bljr mengaji di kwsn perumahan yg ana stay . Menggunakan konsep rumahku syurgaku (cewah) . Buy one house around there -- or maybe besides my house nak buat mini library yg ade surau , ustzh / ustaz yg pantau . They don't have to go far to ask someone for every private and confidential question about Islam and everything . They'll have their ustaz and ustazah in that library . And there also can be the place for teenagers to do Usrah and everythig beneficial . Buku dlm tu semua yg mendedahkan utk mengenali Allah & Islam :) Of course , i'll separate muslimin & muslimat .

I know what I wrote just now is just a dream . I dont know whether i can fulfill it or not . I hope . I realy hope for anyone who have lotssss of moneyyy to do this or even better .

Don't spend ur money for a business that'll only give benefit to you in Dunya but nothing for akhirat

My name is Aisyah . I live in a fairytale (dunya) . The most disaster fairytale but i'm trying to make the plot beautiful and wonderful by doing any good deeds that I can do to achieve something in my heart (kemanisan iman) and my life (redha Allah) . I also hope that I can reach my final destination with peace . I wanna meet my Creator

And that's why i cannot stop dreaming and try to strive for it :)

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