My favorite football team

My favorite football team
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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Random Confession

Eating at E-Cafe are very rare for sisters at CFS IIUM because (nada ala ala bisik minah gosip) brothers always conquer that cafe and we will feel guilty if we be there . Some of them will look at us like : "Ooooh , what is she doing here ? Can't she see there are so many boys here"
         "I think they shouldn't be here . It's a boy zone"

The reason are :-
1) Cheap
2) One plate full with the lowest price
3) One big cup of juice (serius besar) at only RM2 or less

I know it is just a common sense as a muslimah if the place is full of boy then it is more better if we don't go there . But , we also want to look for a different food and drinks u know ? -.- 

There is one day when I planned with my classmates to ate there . At first , there are only a few brothers but I surrender and lost appetite since sooo many brothers enter the cafe in one shot . So I 'chow'

I confirmed in other U or matric or places or restaurant this thing won't happen . Only happen here because our islamic environment "Biah Solehah Campaign" . I'm ine of the agent btw ^.^v We are not blaming this environment but -- brothers , could you please give us some space & time to be there ? -.-

IN FACT there are no signboard "NO SISTERS ALLOWED" . Anyway , it is just some of them . I'm not being prejudice just guessing :p 

It is just a random confession . Sorry >.< 
"Muka dia ni kan keibuan oh "
"Mana ada keibuan , tegas la . Garang kot"
"Muka dia matang la"
Muka dia keibuan , matang , tegas . Semua ada dekat dia . Semua"

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